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Friday, September 24, 2010

L'oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

I got these two Color Appeal Trio Pro Eyeshadows from Shoppers Stop. First I got the Golden Brown one(Penelope Cruz) and then was so in love with the texture that I went back and picked up the Green one(Noemie Lenoir). At that time these were priced at Rs.500 each. I think they have hiked their prices to Rs.600 or so.

(L-R)Golden Brown(Penelope Cruz), Green(Noemie Lenoir)

(L-R)Golden Brown(Penelope Cruz), Green(Noemie Lenoir)

(L-R)(Penelope Cruz)Champagne Colour, Golden Colour, Burnt Brown Colour
(L-R)(Noemie Lenoir)Silver colour, Green Colour, Black Colour
Swatches are of Penelope Cruz.(Crease Colour, Lid Colour and Highlighter)

Swatches are of Noemie Lenoir.(Crease Colour, Lid Colour and Highlighter)
All the colours are heavily pigmented and shimmery. So you could use it for night outs/parties etc. And due to the heavy pigmentation a little goes a long way...if you by mistake take a little too much then the end result would be nothing short of a disco ball!
The black in the Noemie Lenoir Trio is actually a black with green shimmer. You can see the shimmer in the swatch. Use the Silver highlighter with a very very soft hand because once applied it will not budge an inch.

The Golden in the Penelope Cruz trio is awesome. Even the Crease colour(brown) could be used all over the lid. Very easy to use. Spreads evenly.

The Penelope Cruz is more of a neutral one. The Noemie Lenoir is a night time one. Buy what you like. But buy you must!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maybelline Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Maybelline, as a brand, never failed on me. Be it their blushes, Nail paints, Eyeshadow, Lipsticks, Lip Glosses........anything. I love a lot of things about the brand. But let me deal with it one by one......

This is my collection of their eyeshadow quads. They are the Maybelline Expertwear eyeshadow quads.

(From L-R)Chai Latte, Time for Wine, Sea Shore frosts, Emerald Isle and Pot of Gold.

They are all of the same quality. Some of them are matte, some are frosts and some are super shimmery. They are all priced at Rs.225 and are available at Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle stores across India.

All in all they are good and really good.

Coming to the swatches.....

Chai Latte and Time for Wine( Colours in the order Lid, Crease, Brow and Outer Corner)

Thought these 2 look similar in the swatch...they are way too different. Chai Latte is a neutral brown colour which can be used for everyday natural look and the lid colour is a matte light taupe colour, the crease is a shimmery golden brown colour, the brow colour is a pearl off white colour and the outer corner colour is a matte deep brown colour. This is a very awesome quad and gives a very natural looking finish. The crease colour could be used independently all over the lid for a  MAC Amber Lights kind of look!

Time for wine is a super neutral plum/wine coloured look quad.The lid colour is a pearl light pinky white colour, the crease is a matte wine colour, the brow colour is a pearl pink colour and the outer corner colour is a super shimmery plum/wine colour. This again is a very awesome quad and gives a very natural looking finish.The outer corner colour could be used independently all over the lid as well!!!It has huge glitter particles in it.

Now the next 2 quads are

(L-R)Sea Shore Frosts and Emerald Isle(Lid,Crease,Brow, Outer Corner)
Sea Shore Frosts is a multi coloured quad.The lid colour is a pearly light blue colour, the crease is a mauve colour, the brow colour is a pearl pink colour and the outer corner colour is a super super beautiful turquoise colour. This again is a very awesome quad and gives a very colourful finish.I don't use this quad as specified in the order. I just use them independently or in combi of 2 colours. Very colourful and cute quad.

Emerald Isle is a super neutral Green coloured look quad.The lid colour is a pearl light green colour, the crease is a frosty green colour(MAC Humid!), the brow colour is a pearl light light green and the outer corner colour is a frosty olive green(MAC Henna) colour. The crease colour and the Outer corner colours could be used independently all over the lid as well!!!It has a good frosty finish to it.

The last quad and my most recent purchase is this one
Pot Of Gold(Lid, Crease, Brow, Outer Corner)

Pot of gold is a super goldeny Bluey coloured look quad.The lid colour is a super pigmented GOLDEN colour, the crease is a matte blue/grey colour, the brow colour is a pearly off white colour and the outer corner is an amazing awesome velvety dark blue(Deep Truth by MAC) colour. I got this quad for its outer corner Navy blue colour and the Golden lid colour. Even you could pair the crease blue/grey colour and the outer corner colour.......there is no end to creativity.

Thought the quads mention the Lid, crease, brow, outer corner etc....there is no end to your creativity. You could pull out 2 colours that you think would suit well and create a simple look.

I love all the quads equally.hence no specific choice..but do get your hands on anyone of them and surely the others would follow.

My next post would be on guess what....Loreal Color Appeal Trio Pro Start secret eyeshadow trios!!!!!!!

Chee Ya

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colorbar Eyeshadows Review and Swatches all time love. I am a huge fan/addict of eyeshadows. The colours amaze me. There is unlimited variety in this. I keep exploring all the brands and colours. Just like with anything in this world, we need to choose wisely as to what shade we are wearing.

I believe in subtlety as far as make up is concerned.

Just wearing an eyeshadow would not make you beautiful! You have to choose them based on the
  • Occassion
  • Your age and skin tone
  • Dress you are wearing
  • Time of the day you are wearing
  • Place to where you would be going
After a lot of trial and error I have narrowed upon a few colours which would suit anytime anyone. Pinks, Browns, Plums, Peaches are some colour ranges which is okay for general purpose.

Greys, Greens, Blacks, Navy blues etc would be okay for night time, smokey looks.

Blues, Silvers are better avoided. This is my personal opinion. And when I say this I must also tell you that my skin tone is NC42.

For starters let me share with you my yesterday's haul! Colorbar cosmetics Warm eyeshadow palette and 2 Colorbar single eyeshadows(Midnight Blue and Expensive Pink).
The 2 eyeshadow singles are Midnight Blue(Left) and Expensive Pink(Right).
The palette is the Warm palette from Colorbar. They also have a cool palette but it was way to light for my skin tone.
The eyeshadow singles cost Rs.225 and the warm palette costs Rs.499. I got the singles as part of the BOGOF offer! Yippeeeee.

The swatches of the above are shown below
On a closer look they are as shown below
(L-R)Midnight Blue, Expensive Pink
From the Warm palette Dune, Brun, Humid, Plumful, Mystery
Have you noticed the similarity to MAC in naming the eyeshadows(Expensive, Humid, Plumful etc). Even the packaging is similar!!! And even the quality!!! But not the price!! Howzat????!

Coming to analyze them:

  1. The quantity of the singles is an amazing 3 gms. The quantity of the Palette is 1.8x5 gms which is very reasonable for the price.

  2. The pigmentation is awesome.(Believe me my camera is not doing much justice to show this).

  3. The staying power is also very good.( I used Beyu Eye Base).

  4. The colours are very very wearable. Not too shimmery not too matte...comparable to MAC lustre/pearl finishes.

  5. The price is very reasonable.
A must buy for a shadow person. MUST. Buy and don't forget to leave a comment below......chee ya.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My birth in the MAC world!

Let me tell you guys one thing for sure....there is definitely something about MAC which excites me like nothing else.
Before I start ranting about MAC let me share with you my small, cute but useful collection of MAC items that I have made.

These are my MAC products and The Body Shop brushes. They are
1)MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural (Rs.1340)
2)MAC eyeshadows in Plum Dressing, Sketch and Nylon (820Rs. each)
3)MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15(NC42)(Rs.1580)
4)The Body shop Foundation brush
5)The Body shop Eyeshadow Blender brush
I am not sure of the brushes price...somewhere in the range of 750-1000 I guess.

The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural(mine is Medium Dark) is by far the best compact powder I have used to date mainly because it blends very easily with my skin tone and it stays put.
The Pros of this product are
1)Very natural look.
2)Available according to each one’s skin tone
3)Does not turn oily with the passage of time

I can’t think of any cons except its price!

The MAC eyeshadows are really good in the sense that
1)They are very smooth and not at all powdery.
2)They blend like no other brand.
3)Their colour range is very good.
4)They have different finishes like frost/matte/pearl etc.

The first one to the left is Nylon(Frost finish). This makes for a very good highlight colour.
The second one (centre one) is Sketch makes for a  very good crease colour.
The third one to the right is Plum dressing(pearl finish) is a good overall colour and very natural one at that.

The MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a very good foundation mainly because
1)You get it according to the skin tone. The SA  at MAC counters will figure this out for you. Neverthless you must use your own knowledge of colours as well! So you can get it very close to your skin tone and therefore you don’t end up looking all made up and chalky.
2)It gives a matte look.
3)You need a teeny weeny bit for each application and therefore it is going to last you a long time.
4)It is very creamy.
5)It has yellow undertones to it and there fore blends well with my wheatish complexion.

I would say that MAC is good for foundation and powders mainly because they have fine tuned it to suit each individual skin tones. I am planning to go for the studio fix powder foundation mainly because I am an oily skin person and during these humid months I think powder would suit me more than liquid foundation.

MAC eyeshadows are good for their ranges and finishes. 

Now coming to The Body Shop brushes, the two that I purchased were the

  • Foundation brush
  • Eyeshadow blending brush
The eyeshadow blending brush is good in the sense that it is fluffly and carries a good amount of shadow.The bristles are very soft and very smooth when you use it one the eye.
The only thing that I find is that it is a bit too big for blending and also it is not rounded like the MAC 224.

The foundation brush is really good. It applies the foundation very evenly.It does not absorb the moisture content.It feels good to hold!(if that makes some sense!)

It is okay if you have bought them. But not necessary to have them!!! Whom am I consoling over here?

Welcome World........

Hello world and particularly Hello indian beauties......

Well I have just created this blog and would be posting things soon.......

My addiction to makeup is the motivator for me to create this blog......see you